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  • VHF technology combined with GSM technology. You do not have to worry if your bird is not in GSM coverage area. The transmitter will switch automatically to VHF mode.
  • Unlimited distance with Current speed, Average speed, High speed, Time, End Time and Coordinates.
  • Transmitter Size is 38mm x 24mm x 15
  • Transmitter Weight: 15.5
  • Solar Charging Function.
  • Battery Lifetime up to 7 days.
  • SIM card is replaceable.
  • More than 60 Km with only VHF mode.
  • A sleep mode function which means that if bird does not move for specific time the transmitter will go to sleep in order to save battery.
  • Compact HEAT and WATER PROOF.
  • Battery low alert.
  • Movement speeding alert.
  • Operation temp -20°C to +55°C.
  • Shock Absorber.
  • One year warranty.